5+6+1 Candle = 12

Chloe couldn’t decide what she wanted to do for her birthday. To have a party or not have a party? She wasn’t particularly stressed about her indecisiveness, surprisingly enough. That’s because her birthday present this year is one for the ages (at least for Chloe).

For her 12th birthday, I will be taking Chloe to see Lady Gaga in concert at Madison Square Garden. When I was her age I saw the Rolling Stones in concert. Times have definitely changed, although I suppose she probably feels just as much the cool cat seeing the “Monster Ball” tour as I felt when I experienced the “Tattoo You” tour in Madison Square Garden about 31 years ago. Talk about bragging rights.

So, Chloe decided she didn’t really need a full-blown party this year. Instead, her two besties are sleeping over tonight while Sophie is at a slumber party of her own. We took the girls to Chloe’s favorite pizza place, savored cake from her favorite bakery and gave her permission to rent one of her favorite movies, “The Dark Knight.”


I am now not-so-eagerly looking forward to very little sleep. But that’s ok. Chloe is one happy camper. And if she’s happy, I’m happy too.

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