Addition to the Family

No – we are not having a baby.  Well, I guess we are.  But not a human baby.  A puppy baby!  In the fall, we will be the lucky adoptive family of an Australian labradoodle puppy from Ivy Lane Labradoodles in Pennsylvania.  The parents will be Sophie (which my 7-year old Sophie loves) and Bailey, who are scheduled to do the dirty deed sometime in May/June.

We have a lot of preparation to do before then.  The biggest piece – fencing in our backyard, which is only about 50% fenced in.  And finding a puppy school and a vet, and selecting pet insurance, and puppy-proofing the house.  What are we getting ourselves into?

I think I’m just as excited as the girls.  My husband is simply going along for the ride at this point – we wore him down – but I am convinced he’ll become the dog’s biggest fan.  We have a list of at least 30 names – boy and girl.  We just need to test them out loud.  I suspect that there are some we think we like but won’t like as much once we yell them.

I realized that by adding this dog to the family, Chloe will be 22 and Sophie 18 when it’s 10 years old.  That thought just blows my mind.  And makes me feel very, very old.

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