In the Tank

Sophie’s first official story, “In the Tank,” is officially here.  She even dedicated it to Ella, one her her very best friends.  It’s all reproduced below (verbatim, 7-year old spelling and all).  Enjoy!


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January 2013
Printed in the U.S.A.

This is dedicated to one of my best best friends that I new from Pre-K!  I’m dedicating this to you because you helped me and because your crazzy!

About the Author
Sophie was born on September 27.  She always wanted to touch a sting ray.  Sophie always wanted to know what it was like to write a story which is why she began writing at 5 years old.  Her favorite thing to do is be with her friends.  Sophie published 3 other books and she loved writing.

In the Tank
Once on a warm sunny day I saw sting rays.  They were really cool.  I was so excited I called my sister to come over.  I said, “the sting rays are so cool!”  I jumped up and down.  My mom said I can touch the sting rays.  I felt a littel scared because I felt like one was going to sting me.  I touched the sting ray and the sting ray felt very smooth.  I felt another sting ray.  Then I felt all the sting rays.  They all felt the same.  I said to my mom “they all feel the same.”

I had so much fun but I was a little disappointed too because the sting rays felt the same.  As I slowly dragged my hand in the warter I waited for a sting ray to get pet with my hand.  I felt a bumpy one and then I felt it again.  I got excited again but I sort of wanted to go home.  I asked my mom if “can I go home?”

She said yes.  Me and my family went but at the door I asked my mom if we can come back, my mom said “mabe.”  I hope we can come back.  I wonder…

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