Opryland truly is a small continent. Actually, it’s kind of like another planet. With an immense indoor outlet mall, a 25-screen movie theater and a huge hotel called the Gaylord Opryland, the likes of which I haven’t seen outside of Vegas. It has several (yes, several) huge lobbies replete with indoor waterfalls and rivers. Not to mention the Grand Ole Opry itself, which is a lot less impressive in person than I expected. It’s essentially a big brick building.

Gaylord Opryland

I decided to go see “Django Unchained.” There were five of us in the theater. But I’m glad I saw it – I think it’s my favorite Oscar contender. Wickedly creative, funny (I was the only one laughing out loud) and moral in a violently perverse Tarantino kind of way. And equipped with a fantastic soundtrack to boot. Christoph Waltz was fantastic.

Now waiting for the hubby to pick me up as I wait in the lobby of this obscenely immense hotel, hoping that he’ll find the right entrance and won’t give up and leave me stranded here.


He found the right entrance and we enjoyed our best meal of the trip at Monell’s, a restaurant where there is no menu, just bowls and bowls of southern-style food served at big tables where you sit with strangers and pass the dishes to the left. No cell phones allowed, either. Our dining companions included a Long Island man on a road trip to discover southern BBQ, a transplant from Chicago and a family doing the college tour thing (in this case Vanderbilt).

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