I Was Drinking Milk and It Missed My Mouth!

No, Sophie didn’t make that pronouncement.  Sophie is too classy for that.  Chloe – yes my 12-year old, adolescent Chloe – did.  She is kind of gross.  And messy.  And tonight, as she was eating dinner, she lifted her cup of milk in order to take a sip.  She brought it up to her lips and somehow missed the cup’s intended target.

Which is very hard to believe considering how big Chloe’s mouth is.  If my dad were still alive, he’d be pretty repulsed by her almost complete lack of table manners.


The good news is that Chloe is not in the least bit embarrassed by her Neanderthal leanings.  She has absolutely no shame and is probably one of the most confident 12-year olds I know.  She could care less about what people think of her.

Such indifference might cause problems later on, especially when she’s looking for a spouse, but for now, she cracks herself up on a minute-by-minute basis.  It’s truly amazing.

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