Magic Kisses

I learned tonight that Sophie used to think my kisses were magic.  She revealed this earlier this evening when she complained to my husband about something that was bothering her.  He asked her if she wanted a kiss to make it feel better and she declined his generous offer, remarking that my magic kisses – not his – used to make the boo-boos go away.  I certainly don’t recall my kisses having that kind of effect on her.  But it’s nice to know my little one thinks they are so special.


She shared this information with her dad to make the point that his kisses were sorely lacking because they’re not magic.  Papa’s kisses only rate a “so-so” and they’re apparently not curative.  He’s jealous.  I’m thrilled because he’s always been the one Sophie and Chloe go to when they’re hurt.  It’s nice to know I have one magical quality because god knows I’m apparently sorely lacking in other areas when it comes to caring for my kids (patience immediately comes to mind).

I’ll take whatever superhuman attributes I can get.

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