Sophie, the Model Citizen

Sophie may not love reading books like her sister, even though she reads perfectly well.  She hates doing her spelling homework, just like Chloe at the same age.  She may not love vegetables.  And she may not love it when we ask her to clean her room.

But Sophie has always been our lovable, gentle daughter (don’t get me wrong, Chloe is lovable, but in a less huggable kind of way).  She’s thoughtful and sensitive and, simply put, our cuddle monkey.

And now her teacher has recognized this quality in her. We received her report card the other day and the best part of it wasn’t the grades, which were great, but the narrative remarks at the end.

Sophie may be the youngest student in the class, but she’s one of the best behaved.  Her teacher wrote:  “Sophie is a very dependable student.  No matter how busy Sophie is, she still has time to do something nice for someone.  For this reason, she is one of the best citizens in the class.”

Her super-sized citizenship skills set her apart.  Maybe when the time comes that’ll be her college differentiator

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