Two Days In and a Weekly Dinner Menu

Will I wake up tomorrow forgetting that I don’t need to get ready for work?  I think the odds of my mind playing tricks on me are about 50/50.


I have to admit, it’s been a pretty awesome couple of days.  Between the celebrations at work and at home at the end of last week, the overwhelming feeling of calm that has descended upon me and the fact that I’ve accomplished my first major task as Chief Mom Officer, I’m feeling mighty productive.

What was my first major task, you ask?  I have assembled this week’s dinner menu. I will be going to the supermarket tomorrow morning to buy the necessary ingredients.  Mind you, nothing too ambitious.  I wouldn’t want to discourage myself a week into my “retirement.” On tap for this week: a quiche, salmon, oven-baked chicken, burgers and one day of take-out.  How long will this effort last, you ask?  Who the hell knows.  But it needs to last until I strike it rich, because the days of take-out outnumbering the days of cooking are OVER.  The good news is that we bought tons of cookbooks over the years that we’ve hardly ever used.  Which means a lot of new recipes to test on the husband and girls.

And in the spirit of the aforementioned “overwhelming feeling of calm,” I inquired about a local yoga class and I think I’m going to give it a shot.  The last time I attempted yoga was 16 years ago when I worked for Bantam Doubleday Dell.  The company was a bit ahead of its time and offered its employees perks like lunchtime yoga classes to compensate for the fact that we barely earned a living wage.  A friend and I went to a couple of sessions, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.  Indeed, I couldn’t stop laughing.  Now that I’m on the highway to my mid-forties, I’d like to think I’ll be able to last an hour without snickering at yoga terminology, but then again…

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