Wrapping Up

The countdown is almost at zero.  Seventeen days (13 workdays) until I become a full-time, no office distractions, mom.  It’s hard to believe that the day is almost here.  I’ve been talking about it for so long that I still sometimes wonder if I really did it.  But I did.

I’m trying to pull all of the work stuff that’s currently lodged in the deep recesses of my brain out of said brain and into a coherent document that my replacement can refer to from time to time.

I am eagerly anticipating Monday, April 1, when I will wake up likely thinking that this has all been an April Fool’s joke and that I need to hurry up and get dressed and ready for work.  It will take me a few seconds to realize that all I have to do is get ready to take Sophie to the school bus.  And then go home and…exercise.  Yes – that’s it.  The first daily task for my new full-time mom job is going to be to take better care of myself.

Here’s my new (still tentative) daily work schedule.  Supermarket and other errands to be worked in on a weekly or twice-weekly basis.  Part-time consulting will be added to the mix in the fall.

(1) Wake up and get dressed
(2) Prepare Sophie for school and walk her to the bus
(3) Exercise
(4) Work on one of my many non-writing projects
(5) Lunch with friends (1-2 times per week)
(6) Write for two hours
(7) Laundry, as needed
(8) Get Sophie at the bus stop
(9) Work with Sophie on homework
(10) Make a dinner out of real ingredients

OK – I realize that on paper this schedule looks incredibly boring and in a year from now, I likely will have amended this exceedingly domestic schedule in a million different ways.  However, I can’t wait to pursue projects that might actually – in a future not so far away (I hope) – throw off some income.  That would be a dream come true.

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