Hello, Bean Town!

We planned our trip to Boston months ago and there was no way evil killers were going to keep us away from the city that is replete with college memories for me.

So we packed up this morning and drove to the Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge, which is part of the Kimpton Hotel chain, my favorite.

We love Kimpton because: (1) they brought us champagne, chocolates, lemonade and jelly beans to celebrate our anniverary; (2) they gave the girls a loaner pet goldfish for the room and (3) have animal print kids’ bathrobes.


We spent the afternoon in Cambridge and walked about five miles to and around Harvard Square where a few interesting things happened. First, we walked through Harvard Yard so Chloe would absorb – via osmosis – enough intellectual inspiration to keep her motivated through high school. Second, we met up with a dear friend from my lawyer days and her adorable 9-month old son. Third, as I mentioned above, we walked about five miles total today. Nothing so extraordinary about that except for the fact that the girls barely complained about it. Shocking.

Fourth, and so interesting that it merits its own paragraph, a woman asked Chloe if she was a student at Harvard. She’s 12 years old for Christ’s sake! The woman was in her 50s and obviously hasn’t spent much time around 12-year olds in the last 20 years or so. Chloe, of course, was flattered. I was mortified.

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