I’m Not Annoying…Yet

While walking into town this afternoon with my mom and Chloe (and Temba, a Tibetan spaniel we’re watching for my aunt and uncle), I took advantage of the relaxed vibe to ask my big girl how I was doing this week, given that I’ve been Chief Mom Officer for five whole days.

I remarked that I didn’t think I’ve been too annoying and asked Chloe if she agreed with my assessment. “You’ve been pretty good.” There was a caveat, however (how could there not be with Chloe?). She continued, “But I don’t have high expectations. It probably won’t be as good as this a week from now.”

And pop burst my bubble.

But then I realized that all I have to do is prove her wrong. I can definitely not be annoying for another week. Maybe even two weeks. Hell, I’m used to challenges far more complicated than repressing my annoying tendencies (of which there are many, I am sure). And after several weeks of being better than tolerable, it’ll be easy for me to shine in the eyes of my kids.

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