Terror in Boston

Another day of senseless violence.  I’ve grown so immune to it since 9/11 – whether it be guns, bombings, war or even the stories of extreme bullying – that my lack of shock at today’s events is horrifying in of itself (David Sirota’s article on salon.com about this very phenomenon is worth a read).

We live in a world where evil is everywhere.  There are faraway places that must cope with such horrors on a daily basis, and we are more fortunate in the U.S. because the widespread terror doesn’t strike as frequently.

But yet, every time it happens close to home, I ask myself the same basic questions. Why can’t people just get along?  Or simply agree to disagree?  Why are there monsters that commit these senseless crimes? How can anyone justify such hatred and disregard for innocent human life?

And yet..the billions of caring, loving, devoted, brave and principled people around the globe far outnumber the beasts who commit such treacherous acts.  And that’s the thought we all need to cling to as we continue to make our way in a world where such nefarious deeds become more commonplace.

As Anne Frank wrote in her diary before she died in the Holocaust, “in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.”  Let’s not forget to share that sentiment with our children – every day of the year.

One thought on “Terror in Boston”

  1. Good thoughts! It is difficult to prescribe a solution, since each horrible act has a different beginning. However, we can hold onto that basic belief that most people are good. I fear, though that some problems that are identifiable are being overlooked, and those lie in the realm of mental health. We all need training in identifying people in trouble, and resources for getting them help.

    Be safe!

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