They Survived

I came home from Peru to a wonderfully calm house.  Chloe and Sophie seemed well-fed (thanks in part to one of our friends who cooked for my husband and the girls a few times while I was away), well-clothed (their Papa went on a mini-shopping spree at Uniqlo) and well-groomed.

It’s not that I expected the girls not to be all those things, but you just never know.  Their dad sometimes lets them get away with all sorts of crap, but I must say that he passed the “no wife for two weeks” test with flying colors.

The huge hugs I received from the girls upon crossing the threshold on Tuesday were by far the best part of returning home.  It’s nice to know that I was missed.  Sophie was particularly generous with her embraces.  Chloe even got into the game, although I don’t think my absence impacted her all that much. No surprise there.

I know I can be a pain in the ass and “so annoying” (the girls’ words, not mine). Chloe and Sophie never hesitate to remind me of this fact.  I am, after all, Chief Mom Officer, and it’s my job to be a nuisance.  My husband no doubt benefitted from my absence as well.  The mutual break was restorative for everyone involved.  

All of which is great news because now I can start planning my next trip with full confidence that my brood will do just fine without me.  Southeast Asia, anyone?

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