I Want a Bunny!

We don’t even have our puppy yet, but no matter. Sophie is angling to add to our non-existent menagerie.


Dear Mom,

I would like a bunny as a pet because I will be busy with the bunny and Chloe will be busy with the dog.  The dog won’t eat the bunny because I’ll make the bunny stay in my room in the cage. I’ll get some tips from Jenny [editor’s note: Jenny is one of Sophie’s babysitters and a dear friend]. I will not whine for a game to play with you because I will have too much fun with the bunny. I will not be lonesome.

I will take care of the bunny by feeding the bunny everyday. I will clean its cage when necessary. I will make sure it has enough water everyday. I will take the bunny for walks. I won’t hug the bunny because that’s very bad for the bunny.

I want this pet because…it’s nice to have a cute pet for my own self. I’ll have fun. I’ll keep petting it because it’s so soft.  I’ll be so happy! When I walk to the bus stop I will walk the bunny.

P.S. It needs a lot of exercise and Chloe had two dorf [sic] hamsters so therefore I should get a bunny. HA!

Love, Sophie

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