Papa’s Turn to Travel

At least we’re coordinated.  I arrive home from Peru and the hubby leaves for Nashville on Tuesday.  Unlike me, he’s traveling for work, not fun.  He returns home on Friday and we co-parent together next week. And then he’s off to Nashville again.  By the time he returns home a second time, Chloe and Sophie will have just three more days of school and we’ll have a few short weeks to prepare for our trip to France.

It’s really too bad my husband doesn’t like country music because Nashville is quickly becoming his home away from home.

The girls seem non-plussed by this month of alternating single parenting. Indeed, it’s always fun for them when one of us is away – it gives the sly monsters more opportunities to take advantage of one vulnerable adult brain instead of two.  And they really don’t know what they’re in for come our voyage across the pond next month.  Five weeks of close living quarters and shared bedrooms, no escape to friends’ homes when we annoy the shit out of them, no air conditioning….

All of which will be made infinitely more tolerable by the fact that we’ll be in France. Beautiful scenery, fantastic food, family, castles, medieval fortresses, waving hello to the States while swimming on the other side of the Atlantic, open air markets….

Can we leave tomorrow?


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