“The Keys to Being Number One” by Chloe


One of Chloe’s last language arts assignments before the end of the school year was to write a poem using at least 15 words cut out from magazines.  The result is a poem that perfectly captures Chloe’s vision of herself.  And despite its autobiographical self-regard, it’s actually quite good considering she cobbled it together in about an hour. I’ve replicated it below (magazine words in blue):

The Keys to Being Number One

In times like these why not go ahead and forget
While the brain lives in the digital world
When coffee can’t enhance your performance
And journeys leave me unexcited.
I know that the midnight special will be special no longer
I realize history deserves more than this.
I know that the camera still has pictures to take.
Time advances in on me as my youth goes away.
People have always said letting go was good for us.
Not me.
I hold on to what is left.
Before we forget
But while I can only joke about what comes next
This will be a year like no other.
You can bet it will be dedicated to staying at the top.
Because I am one of a kind.

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