What Sophie & Chloe Love About Their Papa

On this Father’s Day, Chloe and Sophie provided a list of the things they love most about their dad.   Enjoy, Papa!


(1) I like how Papa annoys Chloe, like when Chloe reads a book lying down on her belly and Papa head-butts her.

(2) I like how he helps me with homework.  He knows a lot of math problems.

(3) Sometimes he’s easy to scare. Like when I hide behind a wall and he turns the corner and I go, “BOO!”

(4) Papa has a very comfy belly.

(5) I like when Papa comes downstairs with me almost every morning.

(6) I like that Papa can still carry me.

(7) Papa plays more games with me than mom does.


(1) I like how Papa and I share the same sense of humor, and I like how when papa laughs, I join in with the laughing no matter what.

(2) I like to have conversations with Papa about random things, but still be serious about them.

(3) I like that he’s French.

(4) I like the ball at the end of his nose, that I’ve inherited.

(5) I like how according to my friends I have a natural scent (in a good way – not like B.O.), and I realized the other day that the scent they talk about is the same scent that Papa has.

(6) I like how when we go together to any place that has some sort of item to be bought, such as a book store, souvenir shop or even a supermarket, I will always return home with a little bag of my own.

(7) I like how Papa gets annoyed at the same things I do, especially with school subjects/work.

(8) I like when Papa and I watch movies together, especially action movies, and especially especially the stupid kind, which are rated on a scale of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (being the worst) to Red (being the best).

(9) I like when Papa laughs.

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