September Already?

The girls return to school in another week as 3rd and 7th graders. Every year I ask myself the same question: where in the hell has the time gone?

It will be odd to start the school year without having to navigate work at the same time.  While I have no desire to become a PTA mom, I may volunteer to help out with Sophie’s class.  My psyche can handle a visit to the 3rd grade every week or two, as long as it doesn’t involve organizing parties.  Reading to the class would be perfect for me, but I have no idea if that’s an acceptable activity for 3rd graders.

We’re trying to decide what extracurricular activities the girls are going to have this year. Chloe will have some new options at school and I’m hoping one of them, called “Co-Ed Crew,” is what I think it is so that she can explore another sport.  Because if she likes crew and does it through high school…college scholarship, baby!  Sophie has expressed some interest in taking up dance again.  But like most kids, she’s fickle.  If I ask her again tomorrow, she’ll likely tell me she’s changed her mind.

While the girls are in school, I am going to make my way through the many projects I’ve promised myself and my family I’d accomplish during this time of self-imposed full-time mommyhood.  Not the least of which is to attempt to write a children’s book (is that something all recently-retired-from-work-to-stay-at-home moms say they’re doing?).  I have the concept. Chloe and Sophie have provided good ideas for the characters’ names.  A full-fledged plot would certainly help.  I have no idea what I’m getting myself into, but I didn’t give up my paycheck just to sit around the house and do laundry all day.  And hell, someone is going to need to train the puppy.

I’ll tell you what is nice, however, about this stay-at-home gig.  No more shopping for fall work clothes.  Instead, I get to shop for cool jeans, t-shirts and shoes.  I almost feel like I’m in college again.

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