The Dandelion & The Kiss, Two Poems by Chloe

Chloe attended a week of camp at Cornell where she and a group of 15 other teens from all over the world spent their mornings in a writing workshop.  Sufficiently inspired, her creative juices started to flow and she produced a couple of poems that she agreed to share here.

She is determined to become a bestselling author when she’s older.  Doubtful poetry is the way to go if she wants to achieve that goal, but when I put on my objective-pretending-not-to-be-Chloe’s-mom hat, methinks she has some talent.


The Dandelion’s Dilemma

The Dandelion often wonders
On a rainy spring day
Why he couldn’t be among
The prettiest flowers of May

The Dandelion suffers
From an identity crisis, you see
For The Dandelion doesn’t know
What he’s supposed to be

On some days The Dandelion is a flower
On others but a weed
But his favorite is to be a wish
For little kids to blow his seeds

The Dandelion loves
To see children’s eyes fill with delight
When their eyes rest upon him,
And his simple tufts of white

The Dandelion hopes
For every wish to come true
And once he grants your wish
It all begins anew

A Kiss

The best part is the unveiling
When the foil is slowly tugged away from the tip
As if it’s trying to announce itself
Like a flag on a ship

And as the flag is taken away,
So is the tin which supposedly hides the best part
The foil falls to the ground
To reveal the chocolate heart

Only once the chocolate is gone
Do you realize that perhaps
The chocolate was not quite the best part,
But the excitement before it unwraps

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