Texting, Middle School Style

Do you save your kids’ texts? If you’re like me, and never really gave those little pearls much thought (beyond the exasperated eye rolls provoked by said children’s texts), you might want to consider doing it.

I recently realized that I have a treasure trove of Chloe memories at my fingertips – i.e., my iPhone – just begging to be immortalized on this blog.

As Chloe’s years as a middle school student quickly wind down, I simultaneously want to celebrate and cry. Before I descend into mawkish mama mode (I’ll save that for a future post), however, I’ve taken a deep dive into my phone in order to mark the impending milestone with a “Top Texts from Chloe the Middle Schooler” list.

For those of you who have ever been middle schoolers or have had middle schoolers of your own, this one’s for you.

Top Texts from Chloe the Middle Schooler

(1) The “I forgot my homework” text. At least she thought to say “please.” Also, please note that “again” is the operative word here.

Text 1

(2) The “I’ll be home in a few” text.  I’ve finally come to accept that my teenager doesn’t know the definition of “few.” Or maybe she does. I suppose an hour can be interpreted as a “few” minutes if you’re philosophizing about the time-space continuum, but really?

Few Minutes Text

(3) The “how dare you surprise me and pick me up from school” text.

Bus Text 2

(4) The “priceless non-sequitur” text.Text 4(5) The “I need pizza, will you pay?” text.

Pizza 4

(6) The “let’s prank Mom while she’s thousands of miles away in Peru” text.

(7) The “get off my back about social media, you’re clueless, Mom” text-yelling text.

(8) The “Mom, you’re such a poser” text. In my defense, the 24-hour clock is not just a French thing. And I am French, even if I wasn’t born that way.

Snarky Text


Have you kept treasured texts from your kids? If so, please share!


6 thoughts on “Texting, Middle School Style”

  1. Oh thank you for giving me a good laugh before I even got out of bed this morning! I giggle just thinking about what gems my mom might have had from my younger years had texting been around then. Even at 33 I can’t deny I’ve sent something along the lines of “Mom??? … Mom, I called and you didn’t pick up. Mom? …. Are you dead? Mommy???” within the last 2 years. Multiple times.

  2. Hee hee, love these posts about your middle schooler! Mine was just promoted–so emotional! Today, I’m lamenting on pulling his old middle school tshirts from his closet and adding them to my pile of tees going back all of the way from when he was about 2 years old–making tshirt quilts some day for my son and daughter. I really despair when they grow out of their clothes. I have been having this problem every closet purge since they were both born.

    I will have to look back on my new phone and write down some of our textathons. I usually get one- or a few-word responses, because my teen is a boy. They are so funny, though. He likes to use the word “Mebbe” a lot for “maybe.” I’M completely guilty on the “I’ll be home in a few” text, so I can’t talk. And, does Chloe know about the hygiene product story share? LOL…

    1. Thanks for swinging by – so glad you like the post. I love the idea of t-shirt quilts – wish I was crafty like that! Yes, Chloe had full approval over the post. She thought it was pretty funny, fortunately!

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