Chasing Time & Memories on Cape Cod

I breathed in the salt-infused air from our hotel on Cape Cod Bay, bidding farewell to summer from North Truro, a couple of miles outside of Provincetown. The glorious week with our extended family went by all too quickly.

Boat Cape Cod Bay
Early morning, Cape Cod Bay

This vacation was our last hurrah before summer ends.

Race Point Beach
Race Point Beach

The girls are a study in contrasts about fall’s imminent arrival. Chloe is excited to take high school by storm. “To be honest, I’m not that sad summer’s almost over. I like learning. I’m  ready for school. I’ll be able to impress everybody with my amazing clothes. And my intelligence. Plus my charming personality. I have so many great traits to offer,” she jokingly remarked the other day as we strolled along the beach on the National Seashore.

Chloe on Provincetown Breakwater

On the other hand, when Sophie asked me how many more days she had left before the start of school, she groaned at my less-than-satisfying response. “Noooooo!” she sadly exclaimed before promptly giving me the stink-eye. Apparently, I am single-handedly to blame for our town’s school calendar.

Sophie running
Sophie channeling Bo Derek, Head of the Meadow beach

I’ve experienced a disconcerting sensation that’s become more pronounced with age: time frequently seems tactile to me. I am so aware of its passage that I can practically see and hear, if not feel, the seconds ticking away, escaping my grasp, receding just out of reach.

Whale Watching (gray fluke)
Humpback whale fluke, Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary

Occasionally the seconds stand in place. I treasure those moments.

Gull & Crab
Provincetown Breakwater

Mostly, however, the seconds are frustratingly fleeting, not unlike the many boats I watched disappear beyond the horizon as I typed these words.

Cape Cod Bay

Chloe and Sophie are now another season older. Next month Sophie will celebrate her 10th birthday and Chloe will experience her first day as a high school freshman, milestones that evoke a jumble of emotions – happiness, pride, anticipation for the future, angst, a tinge of sadness, more than a little nostalgia for the past…

Lighthouse 2
Province Lands

I can’t stop the clock. The vacation started to end as soon as we arrived.

Head of the Meadow Beach

Happily, however, cameras are instruments of memory.

Audubon Sanctuary
Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

They capture childhood exuberance.

Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

They document celebrations.

Provincetown (gay pride puppet)

They record history.

Pilgrim Monument
Pilgrim Monument

They immortalize life.

Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary
Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary
Provincetown Breakwater

And they freeze the passage of time.

Sunset over Provincetown

9 thoughts on “Chasing Time & Memories on Cape Cod”

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to comment, Stephanie! We had such a wonderful time and I loved being on the Outer Cape – so much to explore and low-key in the best kind of way. Provincetown was a hoot – an exuberant place. Loved it.

    1. Thanks so much, Angelika! It was my first time back to the Cape since college – many, many years ago. My husband and daughters had never been, but we all loved it. It’s a beautiful place. What’s your novel about?

      1. Hi pinkmenotmom.
        I grew up near Boston, and the Cape was always our summer retreat. I live now in Germany. You can learn about my novel on my author blog:… If you like, please leave a comment. I’m new at this ‘author’ business, and its challenging to get the word out. I wrote about the Cape at the beginning and at the end of my novel…It always represented a combination of quaintness and vastness; I know, those are contrary descriptions, but maybe that’s the appeal. So nice to get to know you. 

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