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The Trials and Tribulations of Two

Sophie may be our second child, but it’s our first time experiencing the terrible twos. I always thought the image of a misbehaving two-year old was such a cliché – our first child, Chloe, was an angel until she hit three, when she unleashed her toddler fury in all its glory.

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Chloe Chronicles I: Chloe Leaves

“I am leaving.” Three simple words that can break a parent’s heart.

Chloe was angry at us. It started because, in a touching attempt to be a loving sister, she was having trouble wrapping up a canister that she filled up with gifts for Sophie. After a brief respite from her bad mood during a stroll on a local hiking trail, when she was happy to prance among the logs and the rocks (see a smiling Chloe in photo to right), the frustration found its way back to the surface as soon as the four of us boarded a pedal boat at the park.

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