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Papa’s Turn to Travel

At least we’re coordinated.  I arrive home from Peru and the hubby leaves for Nashville on Tuesday.  Unlike me, he’s traveling for work, not fun.  He returns home on Friday and we co-parent together next week. And then he’s off to Nashville again.  By the time he returns home a second time, Chloe and Sophie will have just three more days of school and we’ll have a few short weeks to prepare for our trip to France.

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Dear France, I’m Proud to be a Citizen Today

France just became the 14th country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage.  France never seems to do anything quickly, but they accomplished this feat in just a few short months, which is actually pretty incredible to me.  It certainly helped that President Hollande’s political party dominates the country’s two parliamentary houses. But this legislation is all the more striking to me as a dual American/French citizen, considering that here in the States this particular battle has been fraught for so long, despite the incredible progress that’s been made at the state level in the last few years.

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Ode to the Fellowes Paper Shredder

Now that I have the luxury of time, I have a list of projects that I hope to eventually complete.  Maybe even before I turn 80.  The list is varied and long – everything from the relatively small task of making a charitable donation on Chloe’s behalf (she gave me her charity money months ago and I have yet to take care of it for her) to the much larger task of writing a children’s book.  And in between those two extremes are a lot of medium-sized projects that I’ve just recently thought of or that I’ve put off for way too long.

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