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No More Monkey Business

I scanned the clothes in my closet and realized that I had nothing to wear. A friend had invited me to an event she organized for her new employer – one of those corporate breakfasts that purportedly allows you to enjoy the best of two worlds: network with a great group of people and absorb words of wisdom from an esteemed group of panelists, and still get to your desk job at a decent hour.

Which is all well and good when you normally wake up at the crack of dawn to go to work, but challenging when you no longer need to wake up at the crack of dawn to go to work.  Happy that my friend thought of me and grateful for the invitation, I convinced myself that the event would be good for me – you never know who might require freelance writing services. The girls were off from school and I enlisted Chloe to babysit Sophie. I rolled out of bed and hustled to get ready because I was already running late. And that’s when I opened my closet doors and froze.

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Holy Shit, I’m a Writer!

I’ve taken a leap into the abyss. And it’s terrifying and exhilarating and a bit insane.  I am a writer. I need to remind myself of this fact several times a day, but it’s my new mantra. “I am a writer.” “I am a writer.” “I am a writer.”

I’ve gradually become more comfortable telling people I’m a writer when they ask me what I do. I’ve progressed to the point where I can even say it with a straight face.

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Making Time for Mission Creep

How do you make time? I thought I’d be making a lot of time after I quit my job last year.  Hell, I’d be freeing up at least 60 hours a week to do lots of things. Making time to raise my kids, making time to train a puppy, making time to whip myself into shape, making time to take on some consulting gigs, making time to write…

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On Writing and Tweeting – It’s Time to Get Down to Business

I’ve been wearing the Chief Mom Officer hat for five whirlwind months.  It’s been an amazing five months on three continents.  I wake up every morning thinking about my experience so far and I feel lucky.  So very lucky.

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