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Guest Columnist: Chloe the Film Critic

Watching movies with Chloe is fast becoming one of my favorite pastimes, especially now that I’m no longer limited to viewing saccharine-sweet children’s films with her.  We have embarked on an epic quest: making our way through the American Film Institute’s “100 Years 100 Movies” list.  We also have a lot of Oscar contenders to see in the theater before the end of the year.  And we have plenty of schlock to watch on Netflix.  Our viewing tastes run the gamut.

Chloe, unsurprisingly to those who know her, has very strong opinions about the movies she watches.    And as a gift to all of you, she kindly agreed to critique some of the movies she’s seen over the past few weeks.  Here you go, straight from the horse’s mouth:

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“The Keys to Being Number One” by Chloe


One of Chloe’s last language arts assignments before the end of the school year was to write a poem using at least 15 words cut out from magazines.  The result is a poem that perfectly captures Chloe’s vision of herself.  And despite its autobiographical self-regard, it’s actually quite good considering she cobbled it together in about an hour. I’ve replicated it below (magazine words in blue):

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Sophie’s Family Tree


Sophie and Grammy spent several hours yesterday working on a family tree for school.  Sophie, being Sophie, had very specific concepts in mind. Grammy had her own very specific ideas about how Sophie should design it.  Prior to getting started, I advised Grammy that Sophie was the project leader, not Grammy.  Grammy was to serve as Sophie’s trusty assistant.

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