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Chloe’s Super Interesting Life, Part I

Chloe’s Three Biggest Fails/Highlights of the Past Week – Part I

P.S. This is the extremely talented Chloe writing.

The Soda Can Apocalypse

During lunch, when with a crowded group of people, there will come the time when you knock something over.  For some it goes worse than others, as for me it went worse. When I knocked my friend’s seltzer can over, I went into immediate action mode.

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Sophie’s Hurricane Story

We all survived the night camping out as a family in our living room.  By the way, this is the closest we will ever come to real camping.  I felt about 10 years older when I woke up, thanks to the fact that my legs, too long for the corner of the couch I was sleeping on, were completely cramped.  Our power was still out when we awoke (and still is and likely will be for days and days and days) and fallen branches were everywhere, but we were safe.

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Sophie the Artist

Sophie spent the last two weeks at the art camp run by our local museum’s school of art.  During that time, she created eight small masterpieces, all channeling different abstract artists.  The children’s inspirations included Picasso, Klee, Rothko, the designer Marimekko, and others.  A pretty cool way to spend the summer, don’t you think?

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Carl, Volume I

The Amazing Adventures of Carl by Chloe

Hello. This is Carl.  Carl is going on a vacation!  If Carl doesn’t come back, don’t worry.  Carl is probably sleeping.  If Carl is awake then Carl may have a problem.  Carl is starting to get worried. Carl might cry. Nobody wants to give Carl a tissue.  Poor Carl.  Don’t worry! Carl will ride a motorcycle! Carl might get some girls. Carl wants to go to Hawaii.  Carl doesn’t have enough money! What should Carl do?  Carl’s going to have a lemonade stand!  Carl doesn’t make much money.  He earns one dollar! Since Carl can’t get a ticket to Hawaii, he doesn’t know what to do.  Carl decides to buy some Skittles! Carl has to go home now. Carl says bye.
The End!