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Fare Thee Well, London

Our wonderful exploration of London comes to an end tomorrow.  The time passed too quickly, as time so teasingly does when one is one vacation.  It’s been a fantastic trip. Mostly because I was able to spend so much quality time with Chloe and to enjoy the city through her observant and wry lens. I’ll write more about the mother-daughter aspect of the trip in my next blog post, once we’ve returned home.  In the meantime, here are some final highlights.  And for anyone considering a similar trip to London or Paris with their kids, I’m available to create custom itineraries for a modest fee – feel free to spread the word (my anal-retentive attention to detail ensures you won’t be disappointed).

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London is Still Awesome & Stonehenge is Cool

Chloe is still having an amazing time in London. The trip has been so amazing, in fact, that when her iPod Touch went permanently missing last evening (we think it might have been kidnapped), she managed to stay astonishingly calm despite the huge disappointment of losing her electronic link to the outside world. I attribute her level-headedness to the fact that we have seen so many wonderful things over the last three days that the loss of her gadget has not been as traumatic as it would have otherwise been.  What are those wonderful things, you ask?  Read on.

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London is Awesome…

…Exclaims the 13-year old who is enchanted by everything she’s seen since we arrived yesterday.  And anyone who knows Chloe knows she’s rarely enchanted. To quote my teenager:

“London is awesome. I like the way it looks. I like the gardens, the houses. I like the way people speak. I like the names of the streets and places. I like the food. I like the way London feels. I just like everything about London!”

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Sharing Wanderlust – London, Here We Come

Chloe and I are off to London tomorrow evening, our first vacation as a mother-daughter team. I have been anticipating this moment since our babies were born, hoping that someday I’d be fortunate enough to travel with them one-on-one when they were old enough to enjoy and appreciate it.

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