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I Survived Vacation Preparation and So Can You

As we prepare to leave for our next adventure to the Utah national parks (with a detour to the Grand Canyon-North Rim), I’ve had an epiphany.  I now know why I am always so excited to arrive at our destination.  Our arrival signifies that we have survived the frenzy of vacation preparation which, in our house, goes something like this:

(1) My husband and I yell at the kids to start packing their suitcases. We then yell at each other for yelling at the kids.  This vicious cycle continues for at least 24-48 hours and we all lose our voices.  And yet Chloe still manages to forget a few things.  And then she blames us. Because we yelled too much and she couldn’t concentrate on her packing.

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Tips on Traveling with a Teen

As Chloe exclaimed several dozen times during our recent trip together, “London is awesome!”  Indeed, London was awesome.  But London isn’t awesome simply by virtue of the fact that it exists.  Our trip was great in Chloe’s eyes because she experienced almost everything she wanted to experience.  Which had everything to do with research and planning before we boarded the plane.

So, for those of you who would like to take a special parent-child trip with your teenager, here are some tips to ensure your experience is as memorable as ours.

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