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Beaufort, South Carolina

We ventured into the heart of the lowcountry yesterday, with a visit to Beaufort, South Carolina, a picturesque town located between Charleston and Savannah that Pat Conroy calls home.  After some delicious southern bbq for lunch at a place called Q on Bay, we strolled along the river and helped the local economy by opening our wallets at some of the shops on the main drag.

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Full Speed Ahead

Non-stop activities today, starting with the bike ride Chloe and I took this morning to the racquet club for a semi-private tennis lesson.  We had a great session with a pro who helped Chloe to refine some of the skills she’s learned over the past year and who assisted me in taking rust off my game.  It was so much fun that we have another lesson tomorrow morning, at which time I may treat myself to a new racquet – the one I have at home was my father’s Prince graphite model from 30+ years ago.

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Hilton Head, It’s So Nice to See You Again!

After yesterday’s driving debacle, we all woke up eager to retake the road to get to our final destination.  Indeed, today’s effort was much less taxing.  We more than made up for the frustration we experienced   north of the Mason-Dixon line and into Virginia by taking advantage of a 70 mph speed limit (which meant an 80 mph speed limit when I was at the wheel) for most of the remaining 400 miles of our journey.

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