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Bonding with My Brother in Weird Austin

My brother and I are 2 1/2 years apart. I’m the oldest.  I’ve always been the most serious. The worrier. The good kid who never got into any trouble. The thinks-too-much-about-everything sister. My brother has always been the happy-go-lucky sibling. The most relaxed. The kid everyone liked. The kid who did a lot of dumb things  but somehow rarely got caught.

I suppose, then, it’s no surprise that he eventually ended up in laid-back Austin and I ended up living a few miles from eternally amped-up New York City. Our personalities match the places we call home.

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Texas Underground

We visited our third cavern in less than two years today.  First, it was Luray Caverns in the Shenandoah Valley in September 2010, then it was La Grotte de Seythenex in France in June 2011.  Today’s underground exploration was at the Inner Space Cavern in Georgetown, Texas.  We have visited more caves in the past 18 months than I’d visited during my first 42 years on this planet.

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More Austin

We went on a Texan adventure today. Drove a couple of hours east of Austin to Blue Bell Creameries, home of the third largest ice cream producer in the United States (after Dreyer’s, aka Edy’s, and Breyers). Those of us who live in the northeast aren’t familiar with them, because they sell to 18 states in the southern half of the United States. But their ice cream is yummy! We went on a tour of the factory and saw the workers (of whom there were far fewer than I expected) packaging the treats. Most of it is automated and very streamlined – no Lucy/Ethel shenanigans there.

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