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Sophie’s Crush, Continued

Not to beat a dead horse, but Sophie was thrilled when I told her there were other videos of her boyfriend, Adam Lambert, singing.  As she watched him intone – for the gazillionth time – the song she was familiar with, she was thrilled.  “My boyfriend!  My boyfriend!” she yelled.  “He is SOOOO CUTE!” she exclaimed.

The love affair didn’t last, however.  As soon as I started rolling videos of some of his other American Idol songs, she grew despondent.  “I want the other Adam!” she lamented.  She honestly didn’t realize that the Adam of “Mad World” and “Ring of Fire” (two songs she disliked immensely because they were too slow) was the same Adam of “Born to Be Wild.”  She’s not so great with the concept of same person, different song.
What can you do?  As long as her Adam is a one-trick “born to be wild” pony, Adam will remain her prince.  I am ready to place bets that she’s going to despise next week’s disco theme.  Poor Sophie.  Poor me.  Because as much as Adam is my pick to win, if I have to listen to “Born to Be Wild” one more time, I think I’ll pull my hair out.

Sophie Has a Crush

Sophie has a crush.  We were just watching the recap of American Idol’s Adam Lambert performing “Born to Be Wild,” when Sophie exclaimed, “I like him.  He’s cute.  He’s my boyfriend.”  She repeated herself five times for emphasis. 

No matter that he’s purportedly gay and wouldn’t harbor romantic feelings for the fairer sex.  She loves him.  She truly loves him. She loves him so much, in fact, that I think his video has supplanted the You Tube video of “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” in her fave rankings.  And that’s saying quite a lot, since she’s watched the latter a gazillion times.  Go Adam! 

My Little Sophie

Sophie makes me laugh.  She is warm, loving and funny.  Very funny.   She has a bit of the performer in her, and as Chloe and I were watching “American Idol” tonight, I began to wonder, what if?

What if little Sophie turned into superstar Sophie?  I don’t think she’d be a singer.  Her voice is not very good.  She might end up a songwriter, however, because she’s constantly making up new lyrics to old tunes.  She’s even a bit of a poet, albeit one with a 3-year old vocabulary.  However, I don’t think there’s much superstardom in poetry unless she turns out to be the female Shakespeare of her generation (in which case the fame would likely come post-mortem and be meaningless anyway).  She’s a talented puppeteer and a fairly decent manipulator of emotions – the latter talent might lead to a successful career as an actress.  Once she’s mastered what the letters of the alphabet look like, she might write a bestselling novel, although I think Chloe would be more likely to pen the next literary masterpiece.  If all else fails, Sophie unabashedly loves to shake her booty, as several videos on this blog have demonstrated.  As long as that doesn’t lead to an illustrious pole dancing career, I’d be fine with a dancer in the family.

36 Hours Until Boston

The countdown to our getaway continues…I packed the girls things this evening. They helped. They actually seem just as excited to be having a weekend with Grammy as we are about leaving them with Grammy. So it’s all good.
Telling myself how excited Chloe and Sophie are about the upcoming weekend makes me feel less guilty for having absolutely no pangs of remorse about leaving them with my mom.
She is their grandmother, after all. They’ll greatly enjoy the bonding. I’m coaching Chloe to make sure she’s a helper – and assists her Grammy with Sophie. And as long as Chloe isn’t too busy watching one of her silly TV shows, I’m sure she’ll be glad to lend a hand.
By the way, David Cook has just won “American Idol.” Chloe will be very excited. We were not fans of the other David (so treacly!) and much preferred David Cook’s style. And he won by a landslide. Sometimes democracy does work. It’s good to know.