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I Want a Pet

Sophie doesn’t consider Alubus to be her pet. She’s draw his portrait from time to time, but that’s about it. She’s clamoring for a pet of her own (hear that, Papa?). Tonight, we were reading “Annie and the Wild Animals,” a story about a little girl whose cat goes missing in the dead of winter, only to return home in the spring after giving birth to kitties.

The book put Sophie in a bad mood. Why? Because Sophie wants her own pet. Reading about fictional cats just doesn’t cut it for her. Problem is, I hate cats. Her father might be willing to indulge her at some point in the future since he grew up with cats, but I really hate cats. My dislike of the creatures stems from one the jobs I had in Paris. I worked out of my boss’s apartment, and she had a cat. And the cat was psycho.
I guess kittens are cute enough. But as they get older, they’re not nearly as fun as dogs, and those litter boxes are gross.
Sophie may have to settle for something a little less ambitious. We have ladybugs in our attic and they’re sort of cute, no?