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Truffle & the Seven Deadly Sins

Hello, my friends! It’s been a long time. I’m sure you’ve all been sitting on pins and needles dying to know how I’ve been spending my busy days.

In the months since I last filled you in on my adventures, I’ve had an epiphany that’s changed the way I view my place in the world.

Wait for it…

I am a living, breathing, barking primer on how to embrace the seven deadly sins and thrive.

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Truffle is BACK

I know. You refuse to admit it because it would damage your reputation if you did. But you’ve missed me, haven’t you? I’ve missed you, too, although I’ve honestly missed your adulation more.

Don’t blame me for my absence on this blog. It’s human mom’s fault. She’s been too busy crafting elaborate essays that leave no time for me to make my own artistic contributions to this website. It’s a travesty.

But I’ve finally commandeered the site and boy, do I have a lot to catch you up on since my last post more than six months ago.

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I’m Super Truffle. Hear Me Roar.

I’m sure all of you have missed me very much since my last communiqué, wondering whether I’m still with the crazy human family.  Well, here I am, healthy and happy and just over 12 weeks old.  In fact, I will heretofore be known as Super Truffle. I am a canine superhero in my own mind.  Kind of like Underdog (remember him?), but even better.

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It’s Truffle Again and I Have a Few More Things to Say

I’m so humbled. The response I received to my first blog post was a huge inspiration.  Thanks to all of you for tuning in.  My new human mom has agreed to make me a contributor to her blog, so you’ll continue to hear about my escapades from time to time – and here’s the latest.

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