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With Love, From Truffle

I am full of love these days.  Pure unadulterated love.  Love for my new toys, received on that crazy holiday that is really not environmentally friendly with all the wrapping paper it produces.  Love for my new bones, which are so meaty and delicious that I continue to act a little like a hound of the Baskervilles when anyone approaches me while I’m chewing on them (I have improved, however – just ask my human mom).  Love for my friends, Tony and Mira, who tire me out whenever I see them.  Love for my little Sophie who trains me like a pro and cuddles me.  Love for my human mom who buys me said bones and who hasn’t been yelling at me as much as she used to.  Love for my big Chloe who is still so clueless about dogs that I’m able to act like a maniac with her because she has no idea how to handle my awesomeness.  Love for my human dad who calls me in his irresistible French accent, “Ma petite Truffe!”  Yes, he persists in using the feminine even though I’m very much a male.

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When Being A Mom Is All That It’s Cracked Up To Be

I am the first to admit that there are days when I just want to throw in the towel and escape to an island with a beautiful white sand beach, turquoise water rippling with rainbows of tropical fish, hotel staff wanting nothing more than to ensure my happiness, and most of all, quiet.  Quiet from the kids and quiet from the day to day trials and tribulations of parenthood.

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Guest Columnist: Chloe the Film Critic

Watching movies with Chloe is fast becoming one of my favorite pastimes, especially now that I’m no longer limited to viewing saccharine-sweet children’s films with her.  We have embarked on an epic quest: making our way through the American Film Institute’s “100 Years 100 Movies” list.  We also have a lot of Oscar contenders to see in the theater before the end of the year.  And we have plenty of schlock to watch on Netflix.  Our viewing tastes run the gamut.

Chloe, unsurprisingly to those who know her, has very strong opinions about the movies she watches.    And as a gift to all of you, she kindly agreed to critique some of the movies she’s seen over the past few weeks.  Here you go, straight from the horse’s mouth:

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