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Forget the Blues Brothers, INXS Rules

The girls have discovered INXS. Let’s face it, the Blues Brothers are so yesterday. So is INXS for that matter, but Chloe and Sophie don’t know that.

Sophie and I were dancing to their music earlier. She’s actually quite good, and she really loves to move. After a few minutes, however, she decided to show off her gymnastic talents – attempting, without much success, to do a headstand.

My brother sent Chloe another CD mix for her birthday. We haven’t yet had time to really delve into the music, but from what I’ve heard so far, the Blues Brothers will truly be a distant memory once the girls get their feet moving to those tunes.

I’m glad to leave the Blues Brothers behind. They’re really quite annoying. Chloe’s also enjoying some of my retro Depeche Mode music. I hope to get her hooked on David Bowie next, but I’m not counting on it. While he’s always been my favorite, I’m not sure she’s ready for him. I won’t give up, however. He’s a musical icon who deserves to be appreciated by the young ‘uns.

Fortunately, Chloe hasn’t yet asked me to take her to see the new Hannah Montana 3-D movie. Having to sit through that would be a penury worse than arts & crafts. She did ask me if she could watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, though. She doesn’t even know what football is, but her teacher told the kids that the commercials are fun and the music at halftime is good. Which actually might be the case this year, since Tom Petty is performing.

Bonding Over Dinner and Folding Laundry

One of the most rewarding aspects of my new career turn as a stay-at-home mom is having more time to bond as a complete family unit. When I was working, it was rare for my husband and me to have dinner together with the girls. For the last six months, not only are we dining more frequently as a foursome, but I’ve accustomed the brood to some ground rules for harmonious meals:

(1) Dinner at 6:30 pm, because if it’s any later, I have to deal with Mr. Hyde (i.e., Sophie, see related post here), who turns into an inconsolable crank if she hasn’t eaten by then.
(2) Chloe must stay seated at the table until Sophie is done; otherwise, Sophie will inevitably follow her sister into the other room before her tummy is full. Saying the word “done” out loud is also verboten for the same reason. Chloe has since taken to spelling it out. Sophie is smart, but she’s not that smart.
(3) And no interrupting! The hubby goes nuts if we cut him off while he’s trying to make a crucial point.

So, it was with great pleasure that, after we finished cleaning up the mess Sophie made of the pasta, tomato sauce and parmesan cheese this evening, our two daughters asked to HELP(!) us fold the laundry. Had a passerby bothered to look through our dining room window, she would have seen the girls diligently trying to fold their father’s ratty old t-shirts – why such rags are even worthy of a folding effort is beyond me, but you do what you gotta do to keep the spouse happy. Of course, we had to refold everything they touched, but Chloe learned a thing or two from her father about proper folding methods. And Sophie amused herself by grabbing as many pieces of clothing from the basket as her little arms would hold, and putting them on her head.

In between folding episodes, the two little kidlets danced to their favorite music, including “Rollover DJ” by Jet and various songs by the Blues Brothers.

I smiled quite a bit during that 1/2 hour. However, in the interest of full disclosure, the girls managed to exasperate me plenty of times after we finished the laundry, so the warm and fuzzy feelings didn’t really last all that long. But the episode gave me fodder for the blog, so that certainly counts for something, right?