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Oh, France

My heart belongs to France. I dream of living there again one day – when Chloe and Sophie are adults and independently making their way in the world, and my husband and I have retired.  I wouldn’t require much – a modest apartment in Paris, within walking distance to a park, a decent boulangerie, a vibrant open-air market and a métro stop.

After the events of last week, however, I feel bereft. I wonder if my dream will always remain just that – a dream about a place I’ve continued to idealize because of the magical memories it holds for me. It’s the place where I met my husband as an undergraduate student, where I lived and worked after college, where I  married, where the entirety of my husband’s family still lives and where my imagination wanders when my home here in the U.S. just isn’t all that it’s cut out to be.

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Caricature Sophie


My company hosted its annual picnic this evening and Sophie had tons ‘o fun.  She particularly liked her caricature.  I tried explaining to her that Farrah Fawcett had nothing on her, but she didn’t get it.  It’s funny how certain fleeting cultural references, those that resonated so strongly when we were kids, mean absolutely nothing to our children’s generation.

We’re just getting older.  With every passing day.  Ugh.