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Mom, Chateau de Chillon and Evian-les-Bains

After retrieving my mom from Geneva Airport this morning, we took a drive to Chateau de Chillon on the Swiss side of Lac Leman (Lake Geneva).   The drive to the airport was itself a small adventure since we were studiously attempting to avoid the Swiss highways to get to our destination.  Why would we avoid the Swiss highways, you justifiably ask. The Swiss have implemented a toll-free highway system, which sounds great in theory.  Except if you’re just visiting  Because in order to use the Swiss highways, you need to buy a special permit, which costs about $40/year.  That’s fine if you’re spending your entire vacation exploring Switzerland.  But kind of expensive if you’re just a day-tripper, like us.

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One More Week!

At this time next week, we will be flying Swiss Air on our way to France.  After all the planning, it’s hard to believe that we’ll finally be packing our bags this weekend.  I cannot wait to be in Europe again – after a five-year hiatus, I feel a little like I’m returning home.

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