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Needs vs. Wants

It was time to put my foot down. Sick of my girls’ too-frequent requests for stuff, I recently put my serious mom hat on to announce a new house rule.  “Chloe and Sophie,” I said, “you must start distinguishing between your needs and wants. Your mom and Papa do not possess an orchard full of money trees,” I added as the two girls rolled their eyes in perfect unison.  We don’t live in a French Renaissance castle, either, although our humble abode is about 100 years old (and often feels like it was built 500 years ago, too).

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Making Time for Mission Creep

How do you make time? I thought I’d be making a lot of time after I quit my job last year.  Hell, I’d be freeing up at least 60 hours a week to do lots of things. Making time to raise my kids, making time to train a puppy, making time to whip myself into shape, making time to take on some consulting gigs, making time to write…

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On Writing and Tweeting – It’s Time to Get Down to Business

I’ve been wearing the Chief Mom Officer hat for five whirlwind months.  It’s been an amazing five months on three continents.  I wake up every morning thinking about my experience so far and I feel lucky.  So very lucky.

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