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Au Revoir, Paris

Not to be outdone by yesterday’s adventure, I was determined to make our last day in Paris count.  We were out and about for 10 hours.  Below is the route we took today.  Again, click on the link below to see the entire map.  We walked about five miles.

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The “Grands Magasins”…Ad Nauseum

How many people do you think would spend an entire day shopping in Paris, only to come home with absolutely nothing?  If you answered “none,” you’re wrong.  The correct response is actually two, now that Chloe and I have returned home from a day of failing to find things to buy – for her in particular. I saw a bag that I almost bought, but got cold feet.  I may have to rectify that tomorrow.

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Parc Asterix

In a continued effort to expose Chloe and Sophie to as much French culture (both popular and otherwise) as possible, we took the girls to the epitome of French amusement parks, Parc Asterix, today.  We made a concerted effort to stay away from the amusement park that shall remain nameless, because when in Rome…or more accurately as far as the comic strip on which the park is based goes, when in Gaul, do as the Gauls do.

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France Miniature

Twenty years ago, some obsessive-compulsive French creative types decided that they would create a unique kind of park.  A utopia for Lilliputians.  A way for regular folks to feel what it would be like to be Gulliver.  The result was France Miniature, a sprawling place that takes visitors on a meandering stroll across France and 116 of its most famous sites.  At 1/30th the scale.

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Bastille Day!

Today was a very French Day, in honor of Bastille Day, the beginning of the French Revolution.  However, as French as our day was, we encountered Americans everywhere we went.  It was actually pretty astounding – a couple of times during the day I would have thought myself back in the States had my eyes been closed.  But no matter, I wasn’t going to allow my pesky compatriots ruin a beautiful day in Paris.

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Les Catacombes, the Last Harry Potter Movie(!) and the Luxembourg Gardens

What a day!  We saw thousands of human bones and skulls, saw the last “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II” before any of our American friends and had a lovely stroll through the prettiest garden in Paris.  And to top it all off, there was no drama in the subway today.

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The Mighty Louvre and the Most Overrated Painting in the World

What better way to start off our Parisian adventure than a visit to the Louvre?  We decided that we would do another scavenger hunt, and this time we found six out of the seven masterpieces pictured in the postcards the girls bought.

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