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Loving My Girls in the Here and Now

My daughters are growing up. In fits and starts, perhaps. But mostly starts. I find that their recent forward momentum is simultaneously exciting and bittersweet.  I haven’t sorted out where I stand in their evolution from child to tween and from tween to teen, but I’m not always as happy about it as I think I should be.  Aren’t good parents always supposed rejoice in their children’s self-actualization and maturation?  Am I being selfish in wanting to arrest their development for a few years?  To stop time in order to collect as many hugs and as much laughter as I can before they no longer want to hug us and laugh with us?

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Dear France, I’m Proud to be a Citizen Today

France just became the 14th country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage.  France never seems to do anything quickly, but they accomplished this feat in just a few short months, which is actually pretty incredible to me.  It certainly helped that President Hollande’s political party dominates the country’s two parliamentary houses. But this legislation is all the more striking to me as a dual American/French citizen, considering that here in the States this particular battle has been fraught for so long, despite the incredible progress that’s been made at the state level in the last few years.

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