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The Wanderers

The four of us woke up this morning raring to go after a very good night’s sleep.  Chloe and Sophie were simply wiped out from the long travel day and my husband and I had pills to thank for our decent slumber.  Refreshed and excited, we made our way to Paris where we had a most excellent time wandering through the streets with no particular destination in mind other than a foiled visit to Notre Dame (more on that below).

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I Spy

Sophie and I love playing I Spy computer games together.  Especially after losing all TV, Internet and telephone service, which only just came back about 10 minutes ago.  During this time of great crisis, I remembered that I had a couple of I Spy games on the computer, and boy, did they come in handy this evening after Sophie threw a fit (which she does much too frequently these days) about some mysterious slight that was known only to her.

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