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Accepting What I’m Not

Chloe recently opened my eyes to a hard truth.  She’s been on a “healthy eating” kick for a few months and it’s serious enough that she now has a dedicated space in the pantry for her rolled oats, quinoa, wheat pasta, buckwheat flour, rice noodles, peanuts (for homemade peanut butter), slivered almonds, a spiralizer to make zucchini pasta…and the list goes on.

As she’s ventured deeper into her food experimentation,  I’ve struggled with contradictory feelings. On the one hand,  I’m proud of her self-sufficiency. On the other hand, I feel inadequate because, let’s face it, she still has a few more years under our roof and shouldn’t I be the one to prepare these nutritious meals for her?

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Thank You, Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey

Now that I have the luxury of time, I tackled my second task as Chief Mom Officer this morning.  The folding of fitted sheets.  Didn’t worry about it so much during the 12 years our beloved Esperanza was with us, since she did our laundry.  But last fall, I realized that I sucked at folding fitted sheets.  So badly, in fact, that after my French husband made several half-assed attempts to show me how it was done, he gave up.  Remember, his wife is someone who also royally sucks at ironing.

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