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With Love, From Truffle

I am full of love these days.  Pure unadulterated love.  Love for my new toys, received on that crazy holiday that is really not environmentally friendly with all the wrapping paper it produces.  Love for my new bones, which are so meaty and delicious that I continue to act a little like a hound of the Baskervilles when anyone approaches me while I’m chewing on them (I have improved, however – just ask my human mom).  Love for my friends, Tony and Mira, who tire me out whenever I see them.  Love for my little Sophie who trains me like a pro and cuddles me.  Love for my human mom who buys me said bones and who hasn’t been yelling at me as much as she used to.  Love for my big Chloe who is still so clueless about dogs that I’m able to act like a maniac with her because she has no idea how to handle my awesomeness.  Love for my human dad who calls me in his irresistible French accent, “Ma petite Truffe!”  Yes, he persists in using the feminine even though I’m very much a male.

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High School Musical Redux

Five years ago, Chloe absolutely loved the “High School Musical” movies.  She wasn’t a singer or a dancer, but she adored the songs and the dancing.  I’m not sure how many times I saw the first movie (she watched it multiple times), but she eventually grew out of them and they became a distant memory for me.

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“Groundhog Day”

Yes, the early-90s classic.  Watching it with my girl, Chloe.  And it’s still funny.  Very funny.  I love Bill Murray.  Chloe thinks that Bill Murray’s character is like “Squidward” in Sponge Bob because he’s “unhappy and stuff.”  “He’s so arrogant!” Chloe just remarked.  She’s very observant.

It’s so much fun to watch normal (i.e., movies that have not been made with little people in mind) movies with my big girl.  I’ll have to check out Netflix for our next mother/daughter bonding movie.  I think it’s going to be “The Secret of Kells.”