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Parc Asterix

In a continued effort to expose Chloe and Sophie to as much French culture (both popular and otherwise) as possible, we took the girls to the epitome of French amusement parks, Parc Asterix, today.  We made a concerted effort to stay away from the amusement park that shall remain nameless, because when in Rome…or more accurately as far as the comic strip on which the park is based goes, when in Gaul, do as the Gauls do.

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One More Week!

At this time next week, we will be flying Swiss Air on our way to France.  After all the planning, it’s hard to believe that we’ll finally be packing our bags this weekend.  I cannot wait to be in Europe again – after a five-year hiatus, I feel a little like I’m returning home.

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Six Flags

The last time I went to Six Flags, they didn’t have this trampoline contraption. And they only had three or four rollercoasters, not 10. The last time I went to Six Flags, it was to see Andy Gibb in concert with my friend, Tiffany. We didn’t get anywhere near the show, but we caught a glimpse of him from the tippy top of a rollercoaster and were trapped in the parking lot for hours after the park closed, causing my parents to call all of the local hospitals in a panic (this was well before the age of cell phones).
Chloe and my husband took the Frenchies to the amusement park the other day. They don’t have amusement parks like this in France. They have Disneyland Paris, but that doesn’t count because it’s American. They have Parc Asterix, but that doesn’t count because it’s based on Belgian comic book characters and as funny as they may be, Belgian comic book characters do not an amusement park make. Needless to say, the Frenchie kids were in heaven.