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The Cinematic Traumatization of Sophie

Setting the Scene

I’ve discovered that watching movies with Chloe and Sophie is a great way to reassure myself during times of doubt that my girls are actually sentient humans who are capable of feeling compassion and empathy for others.

I have recently learned the hard way, however, that Sophie is more likely to feel compassion and empathy for other animals than for her fellow homo sapiens. It’s not that she doesn’t like people. It’s just that, with the exception of ants, she loves other mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and invertebrates more.

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Samuel Beckett, Eat Your Heart Out

One of Sophie’s electives in school this term is playwriting.  She is one of two children in her class (yes, that’s correct, one of two kids – up to you to decide whether that’s wonderful or a silly waste of teacher resources. I confess to wavering between the two).  Sophie loves her teacher.  For the past several weeks, they have been writing a short play that they are going to perform for their parents on Friday.

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