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Fare Thee Well, London

Our wonderful exploration of London comes to an end tomorrow.  The time passed too quickly, as time so teasingly does when one is one vacation.  It’s been a fantastic trip. Mostly because I was able to spend so much quality time with Chloe and to enjoy the city through her observant and wry lens. I’ll write more about the mother-daughter aspect of the trip in my next blog post, once we’ve returned home.  In the meantime, here are some final highlights.  And for anyone considering a similar trip to London or Paris with their kids, I’m available to create custom itineraries for a modest fee – feel free to spread the word (my anal-retentive attention to detail ensures you won’t be disappointed).

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Memories Formed Among the Ruins and While Kayaking, Too

When all is said and done, our most vivid memories of the past week in the Gard region of France can be visually summed up in the photos below.  We enjoyed another week of beautiful weather, great sights, outdoor activities galore and yummy food.  And after spending almost five weeks of non-stop time together, we are still talking to each other.  

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