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Man Made Snow!

Chloe and Sophie climbing the hill after a snow tube run. It was super freezing outside during our weekend away – temperatures in the single digits. The lake was frozen but there was no snow. What you see is the machine-made stuff. But we didn’t care. The snow tube run worked just fine. By the way, how cute is Sophie in her puffy snow clothes?

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Happy Birthday, Chloe!

Nine years old. Her last year in the single digits.

At 1:13 pm today in 2001, our oldest daughter was born. When I think of the evolution, from little peanut to pre-adolescent girl, I’m amazed. She proudly told anyone who happened to ask that it was her birthday today and she thoroughly enjoyed all the attention she received at dinner earlier. Between the balloons waiting for her at our table, the singing and the announcement the hotel made over the PA system, Chloe was definitely basking in the glory.

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