The Who & the What

First and foremost, I am Mom to 15-year old Chloe and 10-year old Sophie.  Everyone else calls me Jennifer. The expressive gargoyle in the photo above is my very own patronus charm.  You see, it bears a striking resemblance to me at the end of the summer, when I can’t wait for my girls to return to school.

In addition to serving as Chief Mom Officer, I’m also a writer. Mostly corporate content projects. I’m also working on a novel and have recently published personal essays on:

Scary Mommy

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My adult life in bullets:

  • For several years after college, I lived in France where I cohabited with my French boyfriend in a small studio apartment.
  • I worked as a literary agent in Paris.
  • French boyfriend and I tied the knot.
  • I moved back to the States with new husband in tow.
  • I worked for a large publishing house in Times Square.
  • I decided to go to law school.
  • Chloe was born during my third year of law school (the year I officially became a multi-tasker).
  • I went to work for a major international law firm.
  • I quickly realized that being a mom and a transactional lawyer at the same time simply wasn’t going to work for me.
  • So I moved into legal marketing.
  • I had Sophie.
  • After 10 years working in legal marketing, I made one of the most consequential decisions of my life.
  • I quit my job in 2013 and promoted myself to Chief Mom Officer.
  • My voluntary hiatus from full-time remunerated work allows me to focus on my writing, devote unreasonable amounts of time to vacation planning (most of which is wishful thinking) and spend more time with my girls before they become too embarrassed to acknowledge my existence.

What Is This Blog?

Pink Me Not made its debut in October 2007 and began as an intimate and lighthearted online diary about my daughters that was intended for family and close friends (and of interest to almost no one else outside that very small  circle other than perverted trolls Googling words like “vagina” and “booty” and “sex”). I was preparing to begin a demanding new job and afraid I’d forget all of the small moments I wanted to remember from their all-too-fleeting childhoods.

It has since evolved into a repository for predominantly humorous musings about parenting and our family travels, a handful of older posts on the elusive attainability of work-life balance and the stray anecdote about our crazy labradoodle Truffle.   All while continuing to document my kids’ shenanigans for posterity.

You may be wondering, why “Pink Me Not?” When Chloe and Sophie were born, we received an overabundance of pink gifts. The idea for Pink Me Not germinated after Sophie’s arrival. I like pink well enough as an accent color, but the color spectrum is fabulously gorgeous…and gender neutral. This blog began (and remains) an ode to my children. We love them unconditionally, whether their favorite color of the day is green, blue, brown, purple, red or…gulp…pink.

I hope you enjoy it and thanks for visiting!



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