I Don’t Want Them To Go!

Sophie is distraught. She has just been confronted with the mortality of the two burp cloths that have served as her security blankets since she was born.

They are tattered and torn, and slowly getting threadbare. She came downstairs a few minutes ago sobbing. “Mommy, are they going to die soon?” she asked, tears streaming down her beautiful little face.

I reassured her that they still had a few years left in them. “They help me sleep,” she moaned. I promised that we would no longer wash the burp cloths in the machine – I would lovingly wash them by hand, so as to preserve them a bit longer.

After she had calmed down, she looked towards the future. “At least I’ll have Shirley forever.” Shirley is a lamb and her favorite stuffed animal, given to her by Chloe (a fact she conveniently tends to ignore).

My little girl is growing up…reluctantly. I must keep those burp cloths alive for as long as possible. Because once they die, a little piece of Sophie will die as well. I refuse to allow that to happen.

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